Virtual Wellness

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Virtual Wellness

Health-in-a-Box is a virtual health offering, with which you can know your body’s scorecard to better manage your well-being. Get assessed with kits you can complete in the comfort of your home. Health professionals, trained by Executive Health Centre doctors will explain your results, provide insights, and coach you toward a better you. Personalized Health. Powered by you. Delivered by professionals.


Better Manage Your Wellbeing

Healthy Metabolism

Boost your metabolism to increase your energy and lose weight.

Mental Wellness

Develop coping skills to manage your stress and stay mentally well.

Diet & Nutritional Needs

Optimize your diet by measuring your vitamin levels and knowing your food intolerances.

Hormonal Health

Better manage your hormone levels to stay more youthful.


Analyzing your genetics can give you better insights about your body’s DNA blueprint.