What to expect from Omicron this winter

Dr. Elaine Chin, founder of Executive Health Centre and author of “Welcome Back: How to Reboot Your Physical and Mental Well-Being for a Post Pandemic World”, joins MoneyTalk to provide some practice strategies on how people can reclaim their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Companies need to make the return to office a priority

Planning a return to work needs to be a priority, even in the face of the highly transmissible COVID-19 variant Omicron, and any more that may come next, says Dr. Elaine Chin, a prevention-focused physician.


I took a post-vaccination antibody test. Should you?

The COVID-19 antibody self-test kit from Innovation Health can help determine the quantity and quality of antibodies the body has produced against SARS-CoV-2, its makers say.


Boosters for all? Some say Canada is foot-dragging third shots while other countries say most don’t need them

Some experts are recommending the booster vaccination as extra protection against hospitalization due to the coronavirus.


Wondering if You Have Mounted a Sufficient Immune Response Post-Vaccine?

With news that COVID vaccine protection could be reduced amongst the immunocompromised and may wane within six months, vaccine boosters are now looking like they might be on the horizon for millions of Canadians who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus and that has many people wondering if they have enough antibodies to keep them safe given the different types of vaccines given and the mix-and-match protocols.


Vaccine Passports Offer Canadian Businesses a Path to Safely Reopen

Innovation Health Group, developers of Canada’s first Immunity Passport app, has launched WELLcome, an all-in-one solution that enables businesses to securely upload COVID vaccination records in a vaccine passport, but also do more to secure the safety and well-being of both employees and visitors. The solution will report all things COVID-19, including further vaccine boosters, rapid onsite antigen testing and at-home tests for antibodies to determine immunity status against variant strains, all of which allows businesses to better manage access to the workplace.


Some Ontario businesses believe vaccine passports will avoid them going bankrupt

A vaccine passport would require someone to prove they have been vaccinated to enter non-essential venues such as restaurants and concert halls. One has been implemented in Quebec, and will soon be a reality in Manitoba and B.C.

Dr. Elaine Chin of Innovation Health Group is pitching its app as a solution to track multiple streams of vaccine data securely. “No one is safe until all of us are safe and with the variants we need everyone to be vaccinated, and prove they’re vaccinated to go indoors, as we go to the winter,” she said.


Mandatory Vaccination Policies and Bold Back-to-Work Strategies Gaining Momentum to Support a Safe Workplace

With herd immunity looking elusive and the Delta variant now accounting for an increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Canada, business leaders are being urged to embrace immunity passports and mandatory vaccination policies to help bring their teams back to the office, according to Innovation Health Group’s latest research.


Companies launch mandatory vaccination policies and experts expect more coming

Some private sector companies are implementing policies requiring Canadian employees to be fully vaccinated to visit the office or participate in staff meetups — and at least one expert expects more businesses to follow suit.

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Innovation Health Group Conducts Canada’s First Vaccine Sentiment Survey

More than 85 per cent of employees surveyed by Innovation Health Group from a cross section of industries said their employers have not yet developed and shared a COVID-19 vaccination policy to help get them back to the workplace.


We must get family physicians involved in our vaccine rollout: Dr. Chin

Dr. Elaine Chin, family physician and founder of Innovation Health Group, joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss Canada’s grapple of the third wave of COVID-19. She argues the stay-at-home order extension in Ontario is unfortunate but needed and says we must stay the course for just two more weeks.