We support your business to create a future-proof workforce.

­­COVID-19 has drastically changed how we work. Many organizations have shifted their teams to operate differently, if not virtually. This has increased a team’s level of stress and anxiety, in their job and at home, which impacts their level of engagement, and in some cases their productivity.

Your organization’s ability to rebound from the pandemic begins by returning your teams back into a workplace that not only feels safer but is truly resilient against COVID-19. This is achievable when team members understand the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations and are willing participants in this essential prevention strategy.

Discover how our COVID-19 Immunity Passport Scorecard can support your business to create a future-proof workforce that is more resistant to diseases, chronic conditions, and psychological issues.


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“At Grant Thornton, we are dedicated to creating an exceptional experience for our people, as evidenced by eleven consecutive years of recognition as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces. Dr. Chin has been working with us to shape our wellbeing strategy. Her innovative approach and commitment to client service has earned her the opportunity to provide executive level health resiliency programs to our firms’ Partners. She has been instrumental in helping us explore new ways of thinking about how we can help our colleagues thrive – whether through physical, mental or lifestyle support programs. She has a unique ability to understand our needs and to be creative in a space where we typically see more of the same. Elaine is driven to make a difference, she is courageous in her pursuit of building something new and has the potential to transform how we think and the actions we take to create longer, healthier and more productive lives.”Sharon Healy
Chief People & Culture Officer, Grant Thornton
“Dr. Chin is most likely one of the most entrepreneurial medical doctors I have ever met. She is also a scientist looking daily to learn more about genetic testing and new testing and technologies that can support personalized medicine. Without question, she is one of the leading authorities in the country on personalized medicine. She is not happy with the status quo; she is on a personalized medicine mission. She believes deeply that much of the chronic disease in Canada can be avoided through lifestyle choices, for which she is an advocate.”Dr. Bill Howatt
Founder of Howatt HR Consulting, Former, Chief of Research Workplace Productivity, The Conference Board of Canada.