A virtual healthcare experience tailored to meet your health goals with at-home self-test kits.

Living a longer, happier and healthier life is at your fingertips.

Health-in-a-Box comes to you from global experts in personalized preventative medicine who founded Executive Health Centre and Innovation Health Group.

We deliver a virtual health offering used by health consumers and professionals alike to take advantage of point of care diagnostics that are proactive and actionable. Get insights from FDA approved at home self-tests with the support of your holistic health expert and coach.


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“Dr. Elaine Chin employs and develops a suite of online apps and mobile services that empower individuals to take control of their health, gain access in real time to their medical file, and set up and implement a personalized health strategy. She is a true maverick in her industry.”Dori Borshiov
RBC Royal Bank Commercial Account Manager, Health Care Professionals
“Health-in-a-Box is created by Dr. Elaine Chin who is a leader, visionary and innovator in personalized medicine in North America. She is a best-selling author and television personality. She is constantly researching and testing new technologies and science to make precision medicine more accessible.”Dr. Bill Howatt
Former Chief of Research, Morneau Shepell, Expert Contributor, Globe and Mail
“Dr. Elaine Chin has consistently impressed me with her innovative outlook and commitment to revolutionizing patients’ relationship with their own health. Health-in-a-Box empowers individuals with personalized healthcare tools and puts back the power of health into the hands of everyone. A pioneer in personalized medicine, Dr. Elaine Chin is one of the leading thinkers in the movement toward holistic healthcare. She has built a successful business that offers a higher standard of care for her patients, while creatively innovating new products and services like her game- changing Health-in-a-Box system. This comprehensive, proactive technology is designed to help people understand their own bodies, and provide instant feedback so they can make healthy lifestyle changes customized to their results and improve disease prevention outcomes.”Jane Francisco
Editorial Director, Hearst Lifestyle Group, Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Dr. Oz The Good Life & Prevention
“Health-in-a-Box aims to not only give individuals access to their health records but rather to promote wellness and foster long-term behavioral change. The final product allows for a holistic approach to treating patients with the goal of enlisting patients as partners in care through user friendly online tools and features. Keenly aware of society's growing demand for doorstep delivery of products encompassing nearly every aspect of daily life, Dr. Chin ensured that the remote aspect of self-management did not result in a compromise in the level of care provided. Striking this balance of competent care outside facility walls takes a true vanguard with unparalleled commitment to her patients.”Robin Wiener
President, Get Real Health