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Many of us now turn to alternative health options, fitness regimens, and optimized diets in an effort to improve our health and overall wellness. Your health care team may be comprised of many practitioners that go beyond your physician including a Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Psychotherapist and more to meet your total health needs.


As consumer needs change, the healthcare system needs to change too.  It’s time to build a healthcare system that places patients at the centre of the ecosystem by democratizing their health information. This means enabling the health consumer to access all their health and medical data anytime.


Who we are

Innovation Health Group are global experts in the field of personalized medicine. By leveraging digital health technologies we will collect a complete set of information about our clients to help them manage their health and wellbeing more precisely by effectively leveraging precision medicine, the digitization of medical data and the power of predictive analytics.

What we do

We’re creating an environment for the health consumer, to learn from and connect with health professionals to enable a better understanding of their health data. We are democratizing healthcare by giving health consumers access to their own health information. With the support of health coaches, we will empower them through knowledge and health literacy to improve overall total health and wellness.


We aspire to afford the same health accessibility opportunities, globally, as we do locally. My LifeFile, our patient health platform will ensure that the power and control of everyone’s health information is in their hands. By democratizing health care, this will enable communities across the world to have access to their own health records and empower them to self-manage themselves and determine their own health destiny.


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We look forward to you being a part of our Innovation Health Pro Network to provide services. Our health network team members deliver personalized coaching on health and lifestyle matters. By joining the Innovation Health team, you will have exclusive access to My Life File for your clients.

For more information on how you can join Innovation Health’s Pro Network, contact us here.

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Empowering you to take ownership of your health and wellness data, while connecting you with our best-in-class health professionals through the Innovation Health Pro Network. Get your own My Life File and shop for tests, supplements and online services.

For inquiries about getting your own My Life File,  contact us here.