Specialty Knowledge and Experience

Why Use Us?

We have been asked by our clients to support their leadership as we move together from one ‘new normal’ to the ‘next normal’ because of COVID-19.

Our expert leaders will provide specialty knowledge and experience that is missing on your team.


What Sets Us Apart?

We are science based. Leveraging biology, chemistry, physics and data analytics.

Our brain trust includes industry experts recognized in their fields:

  • Medicine and Psychology
  • Scientific and Biological Research
  • Human Resources
  • Architectural and Industrial Design
  • Engineering
  • Construction and Renovation

We are C-suite level industry leaders who have collaborated together over many years.  All of our principals have 10+ years of real-world hands-on experience in:

  • Strategy Development
  • Project Management
  • Employee Resourcing
  • Implementation
  • Procurement

Today, we are all coming together to solves problems that businesses have never faced before.  Our asset to you is our knowledge and experience. Unlike other consulting groups we are not siloed.

We are making your research and decisions easier by being your holistic, one-stop access, to expertise and sourcing of critical services and goods related to COVID-19 management.

Companies will need to take a holistic science-based approach to create a safe ‘return to work’ plan. Ask how our panel of medical, scientific and business professionals can determine and support your organization’s needs.

Time Is of Essence

One thing is certain. A solid framework based on science is required to facilitate how you team members can reintegrate back into their new reality of returning to work while living with the Covid-19 virus.


We drive our recommendations based on biology, chemistry, and physics around four critical areas:


  • Sourcing of masks, shields, sanitizers, disinfectants
  • What’s required to stay safe at work

Workplace Environment

  • Employee and customer space flow and workstation needs
  • Air quality and disinfection requirements


  • Effective front door entry screening
  • Active monitoring for virus and antibodies status

Employee Wellbeing

  • Communicate preparedness and follow-on issues
  • Support physical and mental health issues at work and home

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Proactively prepare your workspace to welcome back your team members and customers.

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