One size does not fit all in medicine, nor does it for wellness and anti-aging.

Bespoke Wellness Club has been created by the team from Executive Health Centre and is located in the Spa at the Four Seasons Toronto.

We are changing the model of personalized wellness and anti-aging by inspiring people to unlock their natural beauty from within by unlocking the secrets of their DNA and determine how hormones and nutrients impact skin health.

We ensure our services are world-class, proven to be scientifically effective and shown to be safe by taking a science-based, diagnostic approach to wellness and anti-aging.

We know everyone is unique. Everything we do, from customized skin care, anti-aging therapies, facial treatments to personalized wellness testing and coaching takes this bespoke approach.


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“Where to get the best facials in Toronto. Using a science-based diagnostic approach to prevent premature ageing, Bespoke Wellness Club incorporates medically-based treatments and offers personalized wellness and anti-ageing consultations, as well as a skin genetics test to help clients pick the best strategy and treatments for their skin.”Beyond Fasion Magazine
“Founded by Dr. Elaine Chin, a leader in “Precision Medicine,” BWC offerings use a science-based diagnostic approach to prevent premature aging and mark the debut of a concierge healthcare experience that upholds the service standards for which Four Seasons Hotel Toronto is trusted around the world.”Luxe Magazine
“Together with Dr. Elaine Chin and her dedicated team of experts, Bespoke Wellness Club provides year-round services leveraged by evidence-based scientific techniques to better personalize the health, beauty and mental well-being of our most valued guests and residents.”Konrad Gstrein
General Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto
“With expert care provided by Dr. Elaine Chin and her dedicated team of medical professionals, Bespoke Wellness Club provides trailblazing treatments backed by science, an added value for our guests and residents.”Viviana Queseda
Senior Spa Director, Four Seasons Hotel Toronto