Ask the Experts:

Highlights from this week’s Webinar #1

We had a very large virtual audience for our first webinar, “Ask the Experts,” focused on science-based discussions about reopening our economy safely as we return to the newest normal, post lockdown.

You can watch the entire recorded session of Wednesday’s Webinar, “Ask the Experts: 10 Key Science Based Recommendations for Reopening your Workplace Safely While Living With COVID-19.”

Here’s a few key take away messages
you need to know:


  1. Universal Masking should be part of everyday life. It’s critical to protect you and others from a voice cloud that can travel up to 12 feet. Hence, the 6 feet social distancing ‘standard’ is not good enough for our panel.
  2. Cloth masks, while easier to access, should only be considered as a last resort to prevent droplet transmission from infected individuals, but it would be better than no protection.
  3. Not all disinfectants have proven efficacy of killing the SARS-Cov2 virus on surfaces. Health Canada has an approved list of DIN (drug information number) products that have proven efficacy.


  1. Testing has two parts, one is to know if you have an active virus in your body, and we know this by trying to find RNA pieces of the virus using a swab. Whereas antibodies testing is to see if you have immunity.
  2. While the FDA have been too quick to allow tests to be used in the USA, Canada has been too slow and we have no real access.
  3. For those of you who have tested positive to IgG antibodies, we know now you do have some immunity to the SAR-Cov2 virus.


  1. We remain hopeful that a vaccine will arrive, sooner rather than later.
  2. Timelines and who gets to the finish line is still an unknown despite the hype in the news of patients developing antibodies with a trial vaccine. In the traditional world of science, nothing is reported with just 8 cases. But now the era of good news, we announce ‘hope.’ 
  3. Humbling to know that since the SARS epidemic, we are still waiting for a vaccine. It took 20 years to develop a mediocre vaccine for malaria, just announced this year.

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What PPE Do I Need​ To Procure Now?

  1. Types of masks and what level of protection you need for your risks
  2. How to identify fakes and what is Health Canada approved and tested for authenticity
  3. How to properly clean your surfaces, but also the air you breathe

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